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Unimog U1300 1980 with expedition campervan conversion.


Offers in excess of £15,000 UKP "as is" off the ship back to the UK from South America. Rising, over several months, to £30,000 UKP when ready for another trip. Currency Assistant.

My expedition camper Unimog is for sale. For details of the conversion click here. For details of recent trips see China 2002, Iceland 2003, Siberia and Mongolia 2004 and Central and South America.


  • Mercedes Unimog U1300L
  • MGV 7500 kg (MOT Class 4)
  • Length 6100 mm
  • Width 2280 mm
  • Height 3600 mm
  • Engine performance 96kW
  • Manual transmission 8 forward and 8 reverse gears.
  • 2x4, 4x4, front and rear diff lock.
  • Tires* 12.5 R 20 MPT81 / 335/80 R 20 MPT81 Continental, tubeless.
  • Atkinson Vos heavy duty springs.
  • New compressor, exhaust, batteries, clutch, brake pads and disks fitted before current trip.
  • Fuel capacity: 140 liters plus 8x20 litres Jerry cans.
  • Cab Equipment.
    • Kab 21/T1 seats with a 50mm vertical suspension stroke.
    • H&B MP3/USB/Memory card Radio/CD Player.
    • President Jackson "CB-Radio".
    • Sony SR21K Laptop Computer with GPS system on stand.
    • 24 to 12 volt converter 8 amps.
    • Reversing camera.
    • 12 Tonne tow rope, bridle, shackles etc.
    • Rigid tow bar under chassis.
    • Gear lock.
    • Tyre inflation hose.
    • Sound insulation.
    • Fire extinguisher.
    • Emergency Triangles.
    • Two fluorescent jackets.
    • Dead locks.
    • Two fans.
    • Tilt meter.
  • Spare Parts.
    • Starter motor (removed in good condition in 2001, new one fitted).
    • Alternator (removed in good condition in 2001, new one fitted).
    • Radiator hoses (lots).
    • Fan belts (lots).
    • Brake pads, full set.
    • Assorted bearings, seals air pipes etc.
    • Bulbs (lots).
  • Documentation.
    • Owner's Manual (Mercedes).
    • Two volume Workshop Manual (Mercedes).

Body Unit.

The basic body was constructed by Willingham's of Hull in 2000 in 14mm GRP covered plywood mounted on a standard Unimog torsion free sub-frame. Windows (4) and skylight (1) by Seitz. Insulation 60mm (roof) 30mm (walls and floor) of of X-trem (foamed polyethylene).

Interior Lay Out.

Dimensions of body, length 3830 mm , width 2110 mm, height 2100 mm. Seating area for 4 people on the left of the cabin on pedestal 1640 x 1050 mm. Fixed bed in the rear of the cabin 1400 x 2110 mm. Combined shower and toilet. Kitchen 4 burner gas stove with grill, electric ignition and flame failure detection, mains microwave oven (operates from inverter), stainless steel sink, mixer tap and filtered drinking water tap. Compressor fridge 80 liters (12/24 volts).

Technical equipment.

  • Electrical equipment.
    • Electronic split charger.
    • Two 200AH Elecsol leisure batteries (Newish).
    • Four** 60 watt solar panels and controller.
    • Mains charger*** 24 volts at 25 amps.
    • Inverter 24 volts to 230 volts AC 200 watts (for charging electronic equipment)
    • Inverter 24 volts to 230 volts AC 2000 watts (for microwave, kettle etc.).
    • Honda EU10i generator (230 volts used to run mains charger).
    • 24 to 12 volt converter 18 amps.
    • Two H&B MP3/USB/Memory card Radio/CD Player. (one in cab one in back)
    • Hitachi KH-WS1 WorldSpace Satellite Radio.
    • Fresh and grey water level electronic gauges.
    • Six 24 volt 11 watt florescent lights.
    • Four 12 volt 5 watt adjustable task lights.
    • Two 13amp 230 volt internal sockets.
    • Immersion heater (900watts).
    • One IEC external 230 volts in socket.
    • One IEC external 230 volts out socket (from inverter).
    • Two internal 12 volt sockets (for computer and phone chargers etc.)
    • One external 24 volt DIN socket (for external water pump etc.)
    • Two 24 volt low current, low noise fans.
    • Alarm system (not an immobilizer) with remote radio pager.
    • Lots and lots of fuses!
  • Water.
  • Heating (water and air).
    • Eberspächer Diesel. (Hydronic D5WS-24) 5kW
    • Nine litre calorifier with immersion heater and thermostatic mixer valve.
    • Two fan matrix heaters (air can be directed to shower area).
    • Underfloor heating.
  • Gas.
    • One 6kg propane bottle.
    • One GasLow refillable propane bottle with external filler.
    • Pressure regulator, gauge.
    • Socket for emergency gas heater or external gas heater.
    • Four burner hob with grill (with flame failure detector and electric ignition).
  • Security and Safety Equipment.
    • Concealed safe.
    • Two large lock-boxes for computers, cameras etc.
    • Two powder fire extinguishers. (One in cab one in rear).
    • Fire blanket.
    • Smoke detector (10 years battery life).
    • Carbon Monoxide detector (5 years battery life).
  • Miscellaneous Equipment.
    The following equipment is included because the vehicle contains the relevant customised storage.
    • 12 Jerry cans.
    • 2 Sand mats.
    • External tool/oil locker.
    • Internal/External Thermometer.
    • Mugs (4), cups (4), plates (8) and bowels (6) etc.
    • Tumblers (4), wine glasses (2) kettle, measuring jug, frying pan.
    • Pans (3) with lids (can be used on hob or in microwave).
    • Large food containers (9).
    • Over bed clothes plastic boxes (4).
    • Large food boxes (for the under-bed locker) 10.
    • Two folding chairs.
    • Folding table.
    • Very simple clip on awning.
    • Maglight torch.
  • Spare Parts.
    • Water pump.
    • Water strainers, filters pipes etc.
    • Complete spare Eberspächer Hydronic heater****.
    • Two spare Eberspächer Hydronic heater fuel pumps (low altitude)
    • Lights, bulbs etc.
    • Pad locks (all locks keyed-alike).
  • Documentation.
    • Two volume habitation manual.
    • Instruction manuals for all equipment.
    • Full training will be given if required.

General Information.

Excluded Items: The following items are referred to in the text of the web site or included in photographs but are either no longer fitted to the vehicle or are not included in the sale. Chinese number plates, folding bicycles, TV antennae, Iridium satellite phone and antennae.


      * Two new Michelin 12.5 R 20 tyres fitted 2007-02-03.
    ** Two of the four solar panels need replacing.
  *** The mains charger (25 amps) is faulty, a 10 amp one is included and an external 5 amp one from Bolivia.
**** The spare Eberspächer Hydronic heater requires a de-coke.

Condition Repairs and Replacements Required: The vehicle is currently in South America and will be returned to the UK around 2007-05-01. It will then have just completed a 50,000km trip and been lived in continuously for the last 15 months. It will require significant mechanical and cosmetic repair work before another major trip (see below).

N.B. The photos on this web site were mostly taken during construction six years ago.

I am offering it for sale at a very low price "as is" straight off the ship (with just my personal items removed) around 2007-05-01. In this condition it will not have a UK MOT certificate, it will certainly need the roof rack repaired or replaced, two solar panels replaced, the battery charger replaced (or repaired), the spare Eberspächer hydronic heater de-coked as well a major engine, gearbox and transmission service plus three new tyres etc. etc.

Work to be done before a major trip.

This vehicle has never let me down in over 150,000kms! But it is now in the final stages of a 50,000km trip round Central and South America. Rather than pretend it is ready for another major trip, below is a detailed check list of items that I currently think need to be fixed/repaired/replaced or at least inspected before the vehicle is ready for another trip. There is no guarantee this list is exhaustive.


The engine requires an overhaul, it has an oil leak at both the front and rear oil seals and is starting to use oil. The gearbox requires some work as 5th gear is hard to select when the oil is cold, and there is a minor air leak when low gears (1 to 4) are selected. I think the bearings on the front constant-velocity joints need replacing.

The oil feed pipe to the steering pump needs replacing (the required spare parts are included). The oil return pipe from the compressor needs replacing (the current one is "patched"). The front brake pad wear warning light cable needs replacing.

Three new tyres are required.


There is some rust around the windows and doors that needs attention. The cab heater fan speed control needs replacing. The radio speakers need re-mounting. The rubber seal round the "gun turret" requires replacement. The rubber/canvas bellows between the cab and living area needs attention.

Living Area.

The "barking dog" alarm needs replacing. One of the under-bed draw runners require replacing. A protective metal kick plate is needed beneath the shower room door. The internal rear window frame requires repair or replacement. The skylight water seal needs replacing. The hob hinged cover requires replacing. The main and hatch door rubber seals need replacing.

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Last updated 2007-05-19.