Shower Room.

My Unimog campervan has a shower room in the front left hand corner of the body. This room is only 680 by 1030mm in area.

Most campervan showers consist of a nearly flat plastic shower tray partially surrounded by a shower curtain.

This arrangement usually means that unless the vehicle is exactly level the shower water does not drain. My shower room on the other hand has a very deep (120mm) welded stainless steel shower tray covering the entire floor area of the room. This tray was beautifully made, to my exact measurements, by Swiftfab. The tray is covered by a two part plastic (GRP) duck board (supplied by the Grating Company Ltd.)

Water from the sink drains into the shower tray, water from the shower tray drains into to waste water tank.

The walls of my shower room are plywood covered in a 1mm skin of Forex plastic sheet that extends from the ceiling down to the floor and inside the rim of the shower tray.

The Thetford Porta-Potti toilet is securly fixed under the sink with a Velcro strap for traveling.

The area to become the shower room. Three of the shower room walls in place.
A 4mm deep grove routed out in to the walls to take the shower tray. The shower tray is inserted before the fourth wall added.
The sink surround constructed from 12mm Forex. One millimetre Forex sheet being cut to size for the rear wall of the shower.

The sink surround, cupboards and shelves are all constructed from 12mm Forex screwed together with stainless steel screws.

The toilet roll dispenser is designed to be water proof and to rewind the paper when closed.

The shower drain under the body.

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