September and October 2001.

Because I intended to take my Unimog campervan for its first test drive in mid-October, September has been devoted to making it habitable even though there are a number of major jobs in the cab that have not yet been tackled (e.g. comfortable seats, sound insulation etc.).

The left hand rear locker (normally accessible only from the outside, but here seen from above) is designed to hold two folding bicycles, a table and two chairs.

The table slides in vertically between the folded bicycles and the chairs fit just within the door.

The dinning area consists of two seat basses that double as storage boxes mounted on top of the water box.

The boxes are made of 18mm plywood and roller painted with several coats of vinyl paint over matt polyurethane.

The dinning table (not shown) is mounted on the two brackets attached to the rear of the left hand box.

The central floor (white) can be removed to gain access to the heating and plumbing.

Most of the floor area and the side of the water box is covered in 6mm terrazzo rubber flooring from the Natural Coatings Company. While this material is heavy it is very durable.

A carbon monoxide detector (CO) is fitted above the hob (cook top) and a smoke detector near the shower door.

Both are fitted with lithium batteries with a life of 10 years.

A 1kg dry powder fire extinguisher and a small fire blanket are fitted just inside the main door.

A second fire extinguisher will be fitted in the cab.

The bed consists of three blocks of foam (each 1350 x 725 x 150mm from Foam for Comfort) covered in charcoal "Yorkshire Tweed".

To prevent problems with condensation beneath the mattress a 15mm layer of Ventair is used between the mattress and the plywood base.

Below are a selection of additional photographs of the interior of my Unimog campervan ready for travel.

In order to provide thermal insulation between the the cab and the body two removable foam "cushions" are used. These fit snugly into a foam lining around the crawl thru tunnel. Like the bed and the seats these are covered in charcoal "Yorkshire Tweed".

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