My Unimog campervan has a compact kitchen area adjacent to the main door.

The left hand "bay" of the kitchen includes a 24 Volt RA-80T Coolmatic 80 Litre refrigerator with energy accumulator (lower space) and a 24 Volt FM17 550 Watt Microwave oven (upper shelf). There is an external ventilation hatch behind these two items and four air inlet holes in the floor.

The centre "bay" is occupied by four removable plastic drawer units.

The right hand "bay" includes two large cupboards. The upper cupboard contains the Nature Pure water filter and the main gas tap. This cupboard is vented through the floor.

Above the centre and right hand "bays" is a Smev Series 6000 combined sink and hob unit set in a standard kitchen worktop.

The 24 Volt microwave failed in China and was replaced with a 2000 watt inverter and a cheap mains microwave. This also allowed the use of a small 1000 watt electric kettle. A better solution.

Kitchen area nearly complete.

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