WorldSpace Satellite Radio.

My Unimog campervan is fitted with a Hitachi KH-WS1 WorldSpace Satellite Radio.

WorldSpace Corporation was founded in 1990 to provide digital satellite audio, data, and multimedia services primarily to the emerging markets of Africa and Asia. To implement this vision, WorldSpace conceived of and built the first ever satellite radio infrastructure in the world. In the past 12 years the company has built three satellites and launched two to provide audio, data, and multimedia broadcasting coverage to Africa, Asia, The Middle East and Western Europe.

Or to put it another way, you can listen to CD quality radio in much of Africa and Asia including the BBC World Service and CNN without the problems of static and the fading you get with "short wave".

WorldSpace radios need an external antennae and this must have a clear view of the sky. Although most WorldSpace radios come with a detachable antennae, better reception can be had with a proper external antennae and pre-amplifier.

Because this antennae needs to be easily adjustable mine is mounted on a lockable ball-and-socket joint (from a small vice) attached to the solar panel rack (made by Swiftfab). The antennae is adjusted via the roof light whilst standing on the bed. Note the cheap magnetic compass attached to the roof to aid in finding the satellite.

The antennae can be locked flat against the roof when traveling.

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