The Cab.

Because my Unimog campervan had started its life as a German army truck 25 years ago the cab was fairly basic.

Both the driver's and passenger's seats were unsprung and covered in sticky grey vinyl.

I decided to replace both seats with fabric covered Kab 21/T1 seats with a 50mm vertical suspension stroke and adjustable headrests.

Original Unimog seats.
Driver's seat base.

Because the new seats had different mounting requirements from the original Unimog seats the mounting frames had to be modified to take the new runners. This work was done by a highly recommended Milton Keynes metalworking company Swiftfab.

Sound absorbing material under the hood.

I decided to add sound insulating material between the cab and the engine, and sound absorbing material to the cab walls, doors, floor and roof.

I also added heat proof sound absorbing material in the engine compartment.

Because there was very little space available under the dash board to mount a radio and/or speakers I decided to mount all these item on the rear wall of the cab. The mounting bracket was made, to my specification, by Swiftfab.

In order to allow the driver and passenger to adjust their sound levels independently and to overcome the high engine noise I mounted four speakers at ear height. The two driver's speakers were connected to the "front" output of the radio and the passenger's speakers were connected to the "rear" output.

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