Thermal Insulation.

My Unimog campervan has a body built of 14mm GRP faced plywood with an 18mm plywood floor and an aluminium roof.

To reduce heat losses to acceptable levels I intend to insulate the walls and floor with 30mm of X-trem (foamed polyethylene sheet) and the roof with 60mm of X-trem.

The very approximate heat loss due to conduction (in Watts) for a 35°C temperature difference is given below.

Insulation Walls
(14mm ply)
(18mm ply)
Roof Windows
R-Value 0.11 0.17 0 0.30
X-trem (mm) 30 30 60  
X-trem R-Value 1.50 1.50 3.00  
Total R-Value 1.61 1.67 3.00 0.30
U-Value 0.62 0.60 0.33 3.30
Area (M2) 25.33 6.93 8.43 2.42
UA 15.72 4.16 2.81 8.00
Heat Loss (Watts) 550 146 98 279

This gives a total heat loss of about 1kW with an outside temperature of -15°C and an inside temperature of +20°C. As I have at least 2kW of heating available this should mean that my Mog will be suitable for use in Northern European winters.

Consider adding more insulation to the rear wall, say 60mm not 30mm.

30mm X-trem sheet.
30mm X-trem sheet.
30mm X-trem sheet.
Cutting 30mm X-trem sheet. The first layer of 30mm X-trem sheet used on the roof.
30mm + 15mm X-trem sheet. Electrical ducting within the roof insulation.

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