Waste Water Tank.

My Unimog campervan has 36 litre waste (grey) water tank mounted across the chassis behind the rear axle.

This tank receives waste water from both the sink and the shower.

Although very small compared to the fresh water tank (340 litres) the waste water tank was chosen to fit the available mounting space without compromising the departure angle of the vehicle.

Waste water tank fitted under chassis.
Waste water tank
Model (wooden) mounting bracket used to make steel bracket. Steel mounting bracket.

The tank is mounted on two custom steel brackets bolted through existing holes in the chassis using a standard tank mounting kit. (Brackets made by Swiftfab.)

The rather feeble plastic coated steel strap supplied with the mounting kit was replaced with 30mm wide 2mm thick stainless steel padded with 6mm rubber.

The tank has two inlets (sink and shower) one overflow and two outlets (one 75mm slide valve underneath and one drain tap on the rear).

Like the fresh water tank the waste water tank is fitted with a CAK "Level Check" gauge.

Standard tank mounting kit.
Woden model and steel brackets before painting. Connections for "Level Check" gauge.

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