UK Insurers of Unimog campervans.

Finding a UK company willing to offer insurance on a "build it yourself" campervan based on such a large and unusual vehicle is quite difficult (for US readers: "quite" in this context means very!).

None of the campervan/motorhome insurers listed in the specialist motorhome press were interested, even companies that specialize in odd vehicles like fish and chip vans and horse boxes were not keen. The two major stumbling blocks were the self build (Will it have a wardrobe? Will it be finished in 60 days? Will it be inspected by a professional electrician, gas engineer, vehicle engineer?) and the engine size (most motorhome insurers seem to have an upper limit of 3.5 litres).

In the end I discovered just two UK companies prepared to insure my Unimog, both during and after it's conversion into a campervan. One was Norwich Union, but only via some very persistent insurance agencies and the other was NFU Mutual (The National Farmers' Union mutual insurance company). I recommend the NFU Mutual who can best be contacted at:

Group Secretary
NFU Office
141 High St, Edenbridge
Kent, TN8 5AX

Phone: 01732 867727
Fax: 01732 867725

I have also been told that Adrian Flux insure Unimog campervans. Phone: 08700 692202.

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