Front wall.

My Unimog campervan has a "crawl thru" between the body and the cab.

This was originally protected by a sliding metal door. However this was discarded and replaced by a lockable roller shutter because of problems with insulation and access when the shower was built.

Crawl thru with roller shutter.
Crawl thru with origional sliding door.

In order to utilize the area above and below the crawl thru a number of semi-enclosed shelves have been built.

The top shelf will house paperback books, the central shelf will be used for A4 folders and maps, while the floor level shelf will be used for shoes and boots.

The upper recess to the right of the crawl thru holds the safe (to be disguised with fake books). The lower recess (which can be reached from outside) contains the right hand grab handle and will be used for small items wanted outside.

The space above the door is also used for storage.

Note the robust door stay mounted beneath the over door storage area.

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