Cab to Body Access.

One of the difficult design decisions with a Unimog U1300L campervan conversion is whether to provide access between the cab and the body.

The advantages of cab to body access include being able to drive off without getting out (either because its raining or because it is unsafe) and your passenger can get into the back whilst in motion to get food and drink.

The downside is the need to cut a large hole in the back of the cab and the difficulty in "joining" the cab to the body.

I decided that the advantages outweighed the disadvantages and had Willingham's cut a 750mm square hole in the back of the cab. This was reinforced by a welded frame and joined to the body by a flexible tunnel made of the material used for "curtain walls" on trucks.

Because the cab and the body of a Unimog move independently they must not be joined rigidly. The design of my crawl-through allows up to 150mm of relative movement at the top of the tunnel.

Don't bother with a crawl thru, you will never need it?

View from drivers seat.
View from within body.

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