Imy Mog!

Occasionally I receive e-mails about Unimogs that are so enthusiastic that I just feel I should share them (with the sender's permission). Below is one such e-mail.


Hi Stephen!

Before I start enthusing, it's only polite I introduce myself! My name's Gareth, and I run my own tree surgery business down here in Bath, trading under the name of "Aerial Access Tree Services". I've only been established since February 2003, and following an horrendous bout of bad luck have had my 'hand forced' with regards to upgrading my vehicle. On Tuesday of last week, the steering on my standard twin-axle Ford Transit Tip 190 decided to lock whilst I was driving to my farm to tip off in preparation for the following day's work, and I hit the central reservation bollards and a lamp post, totalling everything, and turning the bloody truck on its side in the process! Luckily it was so late in the evening traffic had died to a minimum, and although I came to rest half-way across both lanes of the main road before a roundabout, there was nothing coming the other way! A very near escape!

As I explained earlier this then forced me to re-evaluate my position. I'd been looking for a self-contained chipper to tow behind the truck for around about 3 weeks, with little success. Apparently the sales men in the industry are incredibly slow on the uptake! I've never had so much trouble trying to give 12 grand away! With the total destruction of the transit I was then stuck well and truly for work. No vehicle. No transport. No chipper. No way!!!!

That's when I got to thinking.... 12 grand for a chipper, (before they've added the VAT!), and that gets me...... a chipper! Whereas if I were to look for a meatier more practical truck that I could run a chipper off of, a PTO unit in short, I'd be killing 2 birds with 1 stone! That's when the magical name UNIMOG floated before my very eyes and my fingers began to type furiously on the keyboard of my clunky old PC! Frank Atkinson was the name on everybody's lips. Highly recommended by most, (there'll always be people with an axe to grind or a disgruntled attitude), seemingly professional with an extensive and impressively set out web site.... Having gleaned the telephone number I made the call..... Would you believe the very day I 'phoned he'd just got in a Unimog U 1000 complete with a PTO 8" Gandini chipper to boot! Not being able to believe my luck, which up until this point had only ever been shit, I got him to expand on the details, and that very night I had an attachment and full spec detail to drool over!

To cut a long story short, I am now the proud owner of a Unimog U1000, full agricultural spec, rear linkage, PTO front & back, 3-way tipper, dual clutch and Gandini chipper~ ALMOST!!!!! Everything's now pending the cash transactions being completed, and you wouldn't believe how frustrating that truly is! I'm so close, and all that's standing between me and a dirty great tree munching truck is a few quid- well, perhaps that's a slight under statement, but nevertheless I've got it covered. JUST! By this time next week, all payments will have gone through and I can expect delivery.

True to form, I'm off up to Lancaster some time this week to inspect my most treasured acquisition, get in the cab and accustom myself to driving with all those gears! I quite literally cannot wait, but once I've climbed in I just know I'll find leaving my baby extremely difficult. Hostage taking may be the only solution to my unrequited love, and the beauty of the whole thing is, Frank suspects nothing!!!!

Well, now that I've got all that insane rambling off of my chest I'm off to dream of Unimog heaven, under my Unimog duvet, in my Unimog shaped bed, with my hot chocolate in its Unimog mug and coaster.

Keep up the web-site and who knows, maybe you'll be lucky enough to receive another Email from yours truly. Once I've got my greasy little mits on that beauty there'll be no going back. You thought I was OTT now, wait and see the transformation after actually sitting in the drivers seat and revving the engine! Well, that's about all the rambling I can manage for now. If you know of anyone else who's afflicted with the same obsession and sees Unimogs in their sleep, please kindly refer them to me. I'll let you know how my first date goes, and keep you up to speed with all my forestry/tree surgery endeavours now I've got a proper Tonka toy tool to take me into any/all regions of insane 4-wheel drive-dom!

Cheers then Stephen! Gareth.


Hi Stephen,

Gareth again! Following my last email, I've only just managed to get my computer to cooperate with my fist and start working again! The good news is I've just spent the last 3 days up in Lancaster, High Bentham driving my U1000 around and making myself familiar with all the controls! I managed to pick up the actual Mercedes Benz engine manual for the Mog as well, at no small cost I might add, and I'm expecting delivery of my beloved on Wednesday of this coming week!

Having only just become initiated into the wonderful world of all things Mog, I'm absolutely blown away by their versatility, their adaptations and uses, particularly with regards to my business ~ Arboriculture! The beauty of it is, as I'm using it for agricultural operations, I can LEGALLY use red diesel, so it's bonuses all round! I'll let you know how I get on as I become more accustomed to living, eating , breathing and sleeping Unimog!


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