Short Name Long Name Town/City Comment Distance Latitude Longitude Altitude Date
Km Neg is South Neg is West Metres YYYY-MM-DD
LARGE Large grass area by fire station Chiriqui Grande No charge. Good place to park. Town not very attractive! 37,226 8.953220 -82.142108 34 2006-04-24
CINDER Cinder bus park. Chupamper Not pretty but free. 37,530 8.095468 -80.811407 75 2006-04-25
XS MEM XS Memories RV Park and hotel Santa Clara Cost $15 per van. Source of shipping information. 8.388727 -80.110292 47 2006-04-26
BARWIL Barwil Agencies Panama City Shipping to SA. Car park outside office. 8.976331 -79.522112 2006-04-27