Australia 2010

A circumnavigation (with risks).

Gorges (Fees may apply).

For the last two weeks we have been "doing" gorges. Many of them in National Parks.

The usual form is a 5km dirt road off the main road (also dirt) to a car park, then a two or three kilometre walk/scramble into the gorge.

Dale Gorge.

More of Dale Gorge.

Hamersley George with...

...marvelously contorted rocks.

Geikie Gorge.

A Geikie Gorge resident.

Tunnel Creek. (You wade in through one metre deep water....

...then it opens up into a magnificent tunnel/cave for around 800 metres.) Best not to be inside if it rains!

Lennard River Gorge.

Bell Gorge.

Galvans Gorge (Michele swam here)

Pool near Manning Gorge (Michele swam here too!)