The Chassis.

Not surprisingly cleaning the underside of Man was easily the most difficult and time consuming part of the operation. Initially I cleaned the underside with a pressure washer from every angle with both a straight lance and...

... a right angle one. Particular attention was paid to the area between the fuel tanks and the aluminium chequer plate "skirt" as well as inside the "U" channel chassis members.

After ten hours of work it became apparent that no amount of simple pressure washing would remove all the mud from under Man.

The only successful way of getting Man clean that I found was to use a very bright waterproof light and to concentrate on a small area at a time, first with the pressure washer, but this time from underneath (you get very wet), then with a steam cleaner and a variety of brushes (washing up brushes proved particularly effective, I got thru three of them) then with a cloth. I hope Oz is worth it!

Man like most trucks has an amazing amount of electrical wiring and pneumatic pipes running inside the chassis. This gets thoroughly doused in mud and is extremely difficult to clean. Only the steam cleaner, a suitable brush and lots of patience seemed to work.

The only way to clean between the leaves of the springs was with the steam cleaner and kitchen scouring pads.

Cleaning the base of the cabin and the top of the (aluminum) fuel tank was particularly difficult.

Cleaning inside the steering hubs was particularly rewarding!

In order to reduce noise from the gearbox Man has a (acoustically) padded shield that required particular attention. After it had been thoroughly cleaned the area was sprayed with Cypermethrin insecticide.

It took three passes over six days from the rear to the front of Man to achieve this! Most of this time was spent lying under Man.

It remains to be seen if it is up to AQIS's standard.

Total time about 30 hours.

Stephen Stewart.

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