Electric Steps.

Some parts of Man were surprisingly difficult to clean, for example the electric steps. Four things contributed to this. You grind mud into them when walking on them. They are ideally placed to collect mud thrown up from the road. Because they fold up they have lots of nooks and crannies that are only visible when open (or closed). Finally because they are made of hollow section aluminum there are lots of crevices to harbour dirt.

First the area around the steps, as well as the steps themselves were pressure washed for over an hour (it took this long for the water running out of the steps to be clear).

Then the aluminum box supporting the steps was cleaned with hot soapy water and kitchen scouring pads.

Then the operating links of the steps were individually cleaned with kitchen scouring pads.

Even after several hours it was still possible for the steam cleaner to get dirt from within the hinges of the steps!

Finally after more than seven hours work it was no longer possible to get the steps any cleaner! The marks you can see are corrosion not dirt!

Total time about 7 hours.

Stephen Stewart.

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