Fumigation and Insects.

There are some parts of any campervan than are inaccessible for cleaning. For example the interior of the heating ducts. These areas are very unlikely to be contaminated with soil or seeds but could easily harbour insects.

To reduce the risk of any insect being alive by the time Man arrives in Australia two tactics were used. Firstly Cypermethrin insecticide (effective for three to four weeks) was sprayed into every cupboard, locker and crevice, including the air intake of the running heating system.

Secondly, just before Man was taken to the docks for shipment to Australia the interior was fumigated with two StrikeBack Permethrin (13.25% w/w) foggers. The heating system was run for the first hour to ensure the insecticide smoke was circulated thru the heating ducts.

Total time about 2 hour.

Stephen Stewart.

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