The Cabin Interior.

The first stage of cleaning the interior of Man was the removal of everything, all drawers, cupboards and lockers were emptied, all soft furnishing was removed. Those parts of the kitchen that could be removed, were removed.

Some parts (e.g. under the mattress were depressingly dirty).

Everything that could be vacuum cleaned was. Including all the high level lockers...

...the fixed wall pockets...

...the kitchen lockers...

...and the utility lockers.

All these areas were then cleaned with a mixture of steam and disposable floor wipes.

The frame of all the windows and the rubber seals were cleaned with disposable floor wipes. As were the retractable blinds and mosquito nets.

The two skylights were also cleaned in the same way.

The grill on the kitchen extractor fan was steam cleaned.

All accessible hard surfaces were steam cleaned. Inside lockers and...

...under the mattress.

All the soft furnishings were brushed, vacuum cleaned and finally steam cleaned.

The area around the leisure battery was cleaned with disposable wipes (to be honest I had to change the battery anyway, otherwise I might not have removed it!).

All the kitchen cupboards and the fridge were steam cleaned. The water filter (below left) was removed and disposed of.

All the seams between floor and wall panels, all the aluminum protection rails and the seat base were steam cleaned.

Total time about 16 hours.

Stephen Stewart.

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