The Roof.

Cleaning the roof of Man is made somewhat easier by the fact you can easily get up to it (via the cab roof rack) and it is strong enough to walk on. I had thought it would have been kept relatively clean by rain, but this was not true.

After an initial clean with a pressure washer (including under the two large solar panels) it was necessary to scrub the "walk on" areas of the roof with a stiff brush and soapy water.

The area around each skylight was particularly dirty and required a lot of patience (and a scrubbing brush, a washing-up brush and even a tooth brush!).

The roof of the cab was surprisingly dirty where it had been protected by the roof rack. In places green algae/slime had to be removed. The rain gutters were particularly difficult to clean.

Not only was the area under the roof rack dirty so was the interior of the aluminium beams that make up the roof rack. Only long application of the pressure washer cleaned these properly.

Total time about 6 hours.

Stephen Stewart.

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