Dirty Things.

Some essential bits of campervan equipment get dirty in a way that AQIS does not like! So you must either clean them very very well or buy new ones. Anything that has been in contact with the ground, soil, dirty water or insects is suspect.

Items in this category include things like power cables. These have to be unwound and cleaned, both the plugs and the reel also require steam cleaning.

Electrical adaptors that have been used outside are also likely to be contaminated with soil. Water hoses need to be cleaned externally, washed thru with a strong bleach solution and then blown clear of all water. I used my vacuum cleaner on "blow" to do this.

Outdoor furniture requires particular attention. After cleaning the fabric and frame of these folding chairs with disposable disinfectant wipes, I then steam cleaned the feet. Finally the chairs were sprayed with Cypermethrin insect spray before being returned to their (also cleaned) carrying bags.

The four blocks of plywood used when jacking up the vehicle were pressure washed and then soaked in a solution of Jayes Fluid for 24 hours, after which they were sanded down and wrapped to prevent any farther possible contamination. Man's two 10,000kg hydraulic jacks were steam cleaned along with the wheel brace and other tools.

The two mats normally used on the entrance steps to Man and the one used in the bathroom were pressure washed, soaked in a solution of Jayes Fluid for 24 hours then washed in a domestic washing machine and finally tumbled dried.

Man's Honda generator (which often stands on the ground when in use) was drained of fuel and then steam cleaned inside and out.

Some things proved impossible to clean (for example a well used towrope from my previous vehicle and a tarpaulin) so new ones had to be purchased.

Other things were eventually cleaned, but in retrospect it might have been better to give them away or sell them and buy new ones (mud encrusted levelling ramps for example).

Total time about 10 hours.

Stephen Stewart.

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