Cab Interior.

Cleaning Man's cab is a challenge. Not only are there lots of nooks and crannies, lots of things are not designed to be removed and are thus very difficult to clean.

The door hinges are a dirt trap, as are the heating ducts that take hot air to the side windows. These were cleaned with a steam cleaner and disposable floor wipes.

The door panels were cleaned with disposable floor wipes.

The door pockets proved particularly difficult to clean and required several applications of steam cleaning and disinfectant floor wipes before all the accumulated gunk was removed.

The rubber floor mats in Man's cab are not designed to be easily removed and are partially bonded to the floor and to the rubber door seals. However AQIS require that you clean under them, and with good reason!

The floor mats were peeled back until no more dirt was found and then a combination of soapy water and steam was used to clean under them.

When clean the area was...

...sprayed with Cypermethrin insect spray.

The rubber covers on the clutch, brake and accelerator pedals were removed and cleaned.

There are three lockers in Man behind the seats.

These were vacuum cleaned, then steam cleaned.

Both the seats and the loose pads (used to cover the hatches) were steam cleaned on all surfaces.

The area behind and under each seat was cleaned with disinfectant floor wipes. The seat belts were extended and cleaned.

The "carpeted" central engine cover was brushed and them steam cleaned.

The "shelf" that normally sits on the console was removed and the console cleaned including all the heating air vents (which were also sprayed with Cypermethrin insect spray).

The "shelf" was replaced.

The textured rubber floor mats were steam cleaned.

The high level "parcel shelves" and sun visors were cleaned.

Total time about 10 hours.

Stephen Stewart.

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