Water and Water Tanks.

Man has a 300 litre fresh water tank, a 120 litre grey water tank as well as water in the radiator and the windscreen washer reservoir. With the exception of the radiator water all of these tanks have been sterilized and drained.

The fresh water tank was washed out with clean water and drained. The in-line drinking water filter was removed and disposed of. The tank was then re-filled with tap water and 1 litre of household bleach was added. After 24 hours the tank was drained via all the internal taps (kitchen, bathroom and shower, both hot and cold) into the grey water tank. The fresh water tank was again filled with tap water and ten Accepta 8505 tablets added (to give 4ppm of chlorine dioxide). This was allowed to stand for 24 hours and the tank was then allowed to drain. As much water as possible was drained from the water system using the Webasto heater drain (the lowest point in the pumped water system).

The grey water tank was partial drained and two additional litres of household bleach was added. The grey water tank was then filled to overflowing. After 24 hours the grey water tank was allowed to drain.

About 100ml of household bleach was added to the windscreen washer reservoir which was then filled and allowed to stand for an hour. The windscreen washer was then operated for about one minute (the windscreen and the front of Man was washed with lots of clean water during this time). The windscreen washer reservoir was then emptied using a small hand pump.

Total work time about 2 hours.

Stephen Stewart.

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