More photographs of Iceland.

Below are few more photographs of Iceland taken within the last week on my journey back to Seyðisfjörður to catch the ferry back to Scotland.

Some still-smoking lava at Krafla. There is a path right thru it!

But there are lots of places you would not want to walk!
The steam in the background is from a geothermal power station.

Also at Krafla is a small, relatively recent, volcanic crater you can walk round in half an hour.

An Italian motor caravan club tour of Iceland (round the ring road in three weeks). About 70% of the campervans here this week seem to be from Italy. Intriguingly one of them had a Chinese number plate.

Námafjall high-temperature thermal area provides lots of fumaroles and...

...plenty of boiling...


To see how big Dettifoss is you need a panorama.

If you look very very carefully on the far (East) bank, above the rainbow, you can...

...see the visitors on the other side. The views are better from the West bank, but the road is 4x4 only.

Stephen Stewart.

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