Getting to Iceland.

Having sold my self-built 27 year old Unimog campervan in June 2007 and bought a very different used MAN-Bimobil Ex480 campervan in June 2008, I needed to test it before tackling a "serious" overland trip.

Iceland in summer is an ideal place for such a test trip as the central "highlands" provide lots of rough roads with stretches of soft sand and corrugations, plus a few rivers to ford. It is also a stunningly beautiful place.

As well a seeing how the MAN chassis performed on long runs and on rough roads the trip is also intended to test what changes are needed to the interior layout of the vehicle and how all the storage works (or not). This trip was also the first one with my new travelling companion - "B".

Below you will find a random(ish) selection of photographs of our trip North thru Scotland en-route to Iceland.

Oban. Waiting for the ferry to Mull.

A great wild camp on Mull seen thru the massive side hatch that is one of the best features of Man (the name given, by default, to our MAN-Bimobil Ex480 campervan).

Art in Calgary.

Calgary - Scotland, the one that gave its name to the one in Canada.

Man on the ferry back to the mainland. Note the two 200 watt solar panels added just before the trip. With a MPPT controller this makes Man largely independent of the mains.

"B" enjoys yet another perfect wild camp.

With great views, even after sunset.

Eilean Donan Castle - best seen without all the (other) tourists.

"B" lost on the beach.

Could (Should?) have been the end of the road?

Below are links to most of the places we [wild] camped on the way from Milton Keynes to Scrabster in Scotland where we caught the ferry to Iceland.

2008-07-23 Latitude:52.0387 Longitude:-0.8449

2008-07-24 Latitude:54.2522 Longitude:-2.7028

2008-07-25 Latitude:56.4776 Longitude:-5.4000

2008-07-26 Latitude:56.4703 Longitude:-6.0159

2008-07-27 Latitude:56.5801 Longitude:-6.2782

2008-07-29 Latitude:57.2179 Longitude:-6.0240

2008-07-31 Latitude:57.6306 Longitude:-5.3484

2008-08-01 Latitude:57.8943 Longitude:-5.1660

2008-08-02 Latitude:58.2384 Longitude:-5.4015

2008-08-03 Latitude:58.5700 Longitude:-4.7420

2008-08-04 Latitude:58.6148 Longitude:-3.3446

2008-08-05 Latitude:58.6704 Longitude:-3.3769

Stephen Stewart.

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