During our time in Iceland we have seen many wonders of nature and a few interesting vehicles. A selection of the latter are show below.

A German Hanomag campervan conversion in the car park at the Skaftafell camp site. Externally in pristine military condition. Internally rather cozy with floral curtains.

An old Icelandic fire engine at Vik, one of many seen around Iceland, some still in use, some derelict, and one in a museum. Based on the Bedford RL and known in the UK as a "Green Goddesses".

An Icelandic "Super Jeep" on the island of Heimaey. A very high proportion of vehicles in Iceland are SUVs (4x4s) of these say 10% have been upgraded to the status of "Super Jeep" by the addition of very large tyres, raised suspension, a two way radio with 3 metre antennae, one or more GPS receivers, additional lights and a permit to drive in the centre of the road. Most of them are found in supermarket car parks in town.

A police/mountain rescue/coast guard Unimog near Hellissandur. We were told that, in winter, it was regularly used as a school bus.

A beautifully maintained Icelandic Series One Land-Rover registration B5 that had just passed its "MOT" (roadworthiness) test at a mobile test centre in the remote north west of Iceland.

A Swiss 4x4 Iveco campervan conversion seen many times around Reykjahlíð.

A typical 4x4 tour bus used on the interior roads of Iceland, note the ground clearance and departure angle.

A very interesting Mercedes Unimog U1300 campervan from Germany with an hydraulically raised roof. When lowered the back became very secure and the cab the highest part of the vehicle. Its owners (Jakob and Cynthia) were on their second extended tour of Iceland.

A seven tonne (very) professionally built campervan on a Man 4x4 chassis. This vehicle was built to order over a six month period by Action Mobil of Austria and costs about the same a three bedroom house in the UK.

An Italian "round the world" campervan conversion based on a 4x4 Bremach.
Stephen Stewart.

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