Siglufjörður, Herrings and Sardines.

The Siglufjörður herring museum.The town of Siglufjörður (current population 1065) is reached by a winding dead-end coastal road. Although the town is still involved in fishing, it is a shadow of its former size and importance. At one time it was the herring capital of the world and produced up to 35% of Iceland's exports. Today it has one of the finest museums I have ever seen devoted entirely to the Herring, its catching and salting. The town and the museum are recommended.

Siglufjörður also has a free town camp site. Because this Icelandic institution is new to me I will describe it in detail. Many small Icelandic towns devote 100 square metres in the town centre as a camp site. This will typically be level well maintained grass with a toilet/shower block. The one in Siglufjörður also has a wooden decking picnic area, a laundry (get the keys from the town office or nearby video store) and free electrical hook-up.

Another Icelandic institution that will appeal greatly to some motorcaravan owners (L&M) is the high pressure car wash available at nearly every fuel stop. If a fuel station has three pumps it will typically have room to wash three campervans concurrently! This facility is always free (C&A). Mog has never been so clean.

The Ultimate 32 Berth Mercedes-Benz Campervan!

Austrian sardines.

Taking the concept of the German "Rolling Motel" one step further is the Austrian 32 berth campervan consisting of a large Mercedes truck and equal sized trailer. Each vehicle is divided into eight two-berth sleeping compartments. Unlike the Rotel vehicle (where the coach tows a more basic accommodation vehicle) the passengers travel in an independent coach. Each night a kitchen and dinning-room tent are set up.

Stephen Stewart.

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