The Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon - out of this world."Out of this world. Unwind in the mineral-rich warmth of Iceland's Blue Lagoon and watch all your cares float away. It is the perfect place to relax - and perfect for a great day out with a difference."

"The Blue Lagoon Iceland - no place like it."

"The Blue Lagoon spa is only a 40 minute drive from the capital and is a dream come true for all those looking for a unique experience and perfect relaxation. An indoor pool, a steam cave and a geothermal steam room form part of the spa..."

The Blue Lagoon - effluent!Or start with a twenty kilometre wide slag heap of sterile black volcanic ash. In the centre build a power station.

In the hot water effluent of your power station's cooling pond you find a blue-green algae that dies as the water cools leaving a bluish organic soup. Call marketing! As Lonely Planet says "...bathing in the lagoon really isn't dangerous". A swim costs about £10/$15USA.

Miscellaneous Technical Questions?

  • Many remote farms in Iceland are supplied with electricity via a single wire, which, judging by the insulators used, is at several kilovolts. Presumably the earth is used as the return path. Is this system used anywhere else?

  • One thermal spring we saw claimed to produce 180 liters of water per second at 98 degrees Celsius. This water was then pumped down an insulated 60km pipeline to the nearest town. Using UK electricity prices and your own guess at the water temperature after 60km of pipeline what is this worth?

Example Food Prices.

  • A 765 gm box of Honey Nut Cheerios costs £5.46/$8.20USA.
  • Ten large eggs costs £2.49/$3.75USA.
  • Mc-Vities Digestive biscuits 400gm cost £1.90/$2.85USA.
  • One medium onion costs £0.14/$0.22USA.
  • One litre of milk costs £0.82/$1.23USA.

Driving Etiquette.

  • When approaching a single track bridge flashing your lights means "I am coming, give way!" not "After you".
Stephen Stewart.

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