In order to drive a diesel vehicle in Iceland you have to pay a sort of road tax surcharge based on the weight of the vehicle and the length of your stay. We had been warned that this charge must be paid in Icelandic Krona on the boat in cash. This turned out to be untrue. You can pay the charge on the boat by credit card, or you can pay on landing, also by credit card. If your vehicle, like Mog, exceeds 4,500Kg you can not pay on the boat and must pay at the customs post when you land.

In order to pay this charge on the boat you must have your vehicle papers with you (not locked in your vehicle on the inaccessible vehicle deck)!

The charge for Mog (6000Kg) for six weeks was 37,290 IKr (£324/$485USA). Diesel fuel in Iceland is about £0.34/$0.52USA per litre.

Officially you are not permitted to bring more than 3Kg of food with you to Iceland, however even though Mog was searched fairly thoroughly and contained at least 50Kg of food and a fair amount of alcohol, no comment was made after it was established we were going to stay six weeks.

We arrived in Iceland at Seyðisfjörður (population 804) in the rain. We drove to Egilsstadir (population 1637) past twenty five water falls, in the rain. There we visited the museum to see the display of Viking silver found at nearby Miohus, alas this has now been moved the national museum in Reykjavík and this museum is closed for renovation.

From Egilsstadir we followed the Iceland "Ring Road" south. It continues to rain.

Stephen Stewart.

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