Eclipse Fever?

We are currently parked a few kilometres east of Scrabster waiting for the ferry tomorrow to the Orkney Islands.

We are informed by the local press that this part of Scotland is gripped by "Eclipse Fever". We have seen no evidence of this, other than a sign in the caravan site asking us to be quiet at 04:00 tomorrow! We are informed that there will be a partial solar eclipse at sun rise, but good visibility at sunrise in northern Scotland is the exception rather than the rule.

As you can see from our route map, far from driving up the west coast of Scotland as planned we made a major detour to the east coast. This was to the garage of Frank Ogg & Son at Charlestown of Aberlour near Inverness to have fitted the two new front springs we had sent to them by Frank Atkinson.

Mog is again even and about 50mm higher at the front than before.

Stephen Stewart.

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