Wheels, Water and Springs.

The Falkirk Wheel.Our trip north towards Iceland has taken us thru many beautiful parts of Scotland, but so far two sights have been unexpectedly impressive.

The first was the "Falkirk Wheel" a rotary lift moving canal boats between the Union canal and the Forth & Clyde canal.

The wheel opened in 2002 and replaces a staircase of eleven locks. It is the only lift of its type in the world.

A crannock.The second was the Crannog Centre near Kenmore on Loch Tay.

As you doubtless know (but I didn't) Crannogs are a type of ancient loch dwelling found throughout Scotland and Ireland. They were built out in the water as defensive homesteads from about 5000 years ago, and people continued to build and occupy them periodically until the 17th century AD.

Front offside spring.Alas whilst leaving the car park at the Mull to Iona ferry the front right spring of Mog snapped! As in broke in two!

After thousands of kilometers of poor roads in China and Tibet the final straw was a 3kph gentle corner in a tarmac car park in Scotland.

Luckily Mog is still mobile (if slightly lopsided) and we are now heading slowly north to get a new spring.

Stephen Stewart.

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