Canada & Alaska

Michele & Stephen's trip in 2012

Wild Camps

This page lists some of the good wild camps we used in Canada plus a few wild camps that we saw and liked the look of but for some reason did not use. Note that just because we were able to wild camp in these locations does not mean that you will be able to (or even that we should have done!) Use this information with caution.

At the end of this trip I will convert these wild camping places into a file of waypoints in various formats.

Brier Island, Nova Scotia

There does not appear to be an official camp site on the delightful Brier Island at the tip of Digby Neck, however the lighthouse at the western end of the island (N44.25001 W66.39330) has lots of parking and is remote.

Do not park too near the lighthouse as the fog horn can sound all night.

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Finding somewhere to park with easy access to the heart of a town or city can be difficult.

The nearest camp site to downtown Charlottetown is about 6km away, with a possible Wal*Mart about 3km away.

A better alternative is just to park on a secluded part of the water front on Park Roadway near N46.22812, W63.1438). The view is great.

Green Cove, Cape Breton

If you don't need any facilities and you don't want to pay the Can$ 25.00 to camp at the Broad Cove camp site you can wild camp at the spectacular Green Cove about 10km north at N46.75088 W60.32512.

There are great sea views over the pink granite rocks, with possible whale sightings! Highly recommended.

Maskell's HBR, Nova Scotia

This view point at N46.02072 W60.78795 is level and reasonably off the road with magnificent views over the bay.

There is a sign Maskell's HBR but we never saw this on any map.

Sheaves Cove, Newfoundland

There are few places on the Port au Port Peninsula that are good wild camps with views out to sea. This one also has a waterfall!

The blue sign on the road says Hidden Waterfall.

There is a short gravel road down to a couple of huts and a few picnic tables. The turning off the 460 is at N48.52056 W59.05611 the actual wild camp is at N48.51756 W59.05254.

Le Boutte du Cap, Newfoundland

At the tip of the Port au Port Peninsula there is a large, free and spectacular "wild camp" that is semi-official with views over the ocean from high (and precipitous) cliffs.

The car park area is at N48.46415 W59.26269 the turning off the road is at N48.46648 W59.25169.

Rather strangely there is a public bread oven that fired up mid-day on Fridays and Saturdays.

Crow Head, Newfoundland

About seven kilometers north of Twillingate and about 2 kilometers before the lighthouse (and the end of the road) is the delightful but disused camp site of Sea Breeze in Sleepy Cove. (N49.68400 W54.80644)

The site is decorated with brightly painted derelict copper mining equipment and whilst there is no water there are working long drop toilets.

There is a free dump point and drinking water at the stadium in Twillingate.

Bonavista Lighthouse, Newfoundland

There are lots of places to wild camp between the town of Bonavista and the lighthouse.

We chose the final car park (N48.70020 W53.08718) and saw several whales from our van. The $3.00 tour of the lighthouse is well worth while.

Lobster Cove Head, Newfoundland

There are lots of good National Park camp sites in Gros Morne National Park, but if you are looking for free camping near Rocky Harbour then the lighthouse at Lobster Cove Head is hard to beat.

The lighthouse carpark is at N49.60295 W57.95382 and there is a toilet and very surprisingly publicly advertised free WiFi! (Alas only partially working when we were there.)

Parson's Pond, Newfoundland

Actually a few kilometers north of Parson's Pond at a lookout for the Arches is a fine wild camp with a level car park, long-drop toilet and no "No Camping" signs.

The turn off the 430 is at N50.11270 W57.66154.

About 20km south of here is a free dump site and drinking water at N49.92767 W57.77293 with a passable (but far less attractive wild camp opposite).

Raleigh, Newfoundland

It looks like a turning circle at the end of a dead-end road (and it is) but it is also a parking place for a picnic spot beyond and a great wild camp right by the sea at N51.56533 W55.73164.

Wawa to White River (R17), Ontario

We found it very difficult to wild camp in Ontario, particularly on the R17. Most potential wild camp sites had No Camping signs.

This spot is just off the highway, shielded by trees with a boat launching ramp into Lake Kabenung and is about half way between Wawa and White River at N48.29754 W84.94704.

Thunder Bay to Kenora (R11), Ontario

The southern route between Thunder Bay and Kenora on the R11 is (I am told) far more scenic than the slightly shorter northern route on the R17.

Like most roads in Ontario all the lay-bys have No Camping signs. However on this relatively quiet road there are a few pull-offs that lack this feature. Although this wild camp was only a few meters off the road the traffic during the night was very light. (N48.69025 W92.99684)

Devils Lake (R6), Manitoba

There is very little on the map between St. Martin Junction and Grand Rapids and the road has very few places where you can easily pull off.

But there is one good wild camp at the Devils Lake Wayside Park (N52.40328 W98.91106), with no No Camping signs.

There may also be water and toilets.

La Ronge to Prince Albert (R2), Saskatchewan

About 25km south of La Ronge where the R2 crosses the Montreal river there is a fine wild camping area that is now marked as a picnic spot/rest stop but was a campground.

It now makes a near perfect wild camp site.

Turn off the R2 at N54.72592 W105.68687.

Wawa to Tadoussac

The most direct way from Wawa to Tadoussac is via Timmins and Val D'Or on the 101, the 113 and the 167. This route is only 1400km compared to 1680 via Montreal. Unfortunately it is rather boring with very few places to camp and lots of No Camping signs. Below are four free(ish) camping places we used just off the road.

Shawmere River Bridge

About halfway between Chapleau and Foleyet on the 101 is a delightful lay-by with toilets, picnic table and a small river. One of the few lay-bys without a No Camping sign on the 101 in this area. (Turn off the road at N47.99372 W82.90246).

One rather odd bonus is a very short walking trail (less than 50 metres) with four concrete litter bins en-route! Completely unused.

Halte Routière Rapide-Danseur

Travelling East the 101 turns into the 388 on entering Quebec. About 14km past the border near Lac Duparquat is a free camping area signed as Halte Routière Rapide-Danseur.

Not pretty nor well maintained, but free and near the road (N48.51828 W79.30008).

Lac Waswanipi

About 8km North off the 113 down a gravel track. Well signed about 2km West of Miquelon (Turn off at N49.39723 W76.47306).

A donation of $5.00 is requested.

Lac du Milieu

This is really a picnic and fishing stop, but is ideal for an over-night stop, without any No Camping signs.

Just off the 167 about 18km North West of La Dore at N48.82049 W72.80407.