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Michele & Stephen's trip in 2013

More Whales

Tadoussac on the northern shore of the St. Lawrence river claims to be the best place in the world to see whales. So we decided to stay there a couple of days.

We stayed at the excellent Domaine des Dunes campground about 2km out of town (note that there is a potential wild camping area about 2km beyond Domaine des Dunes).

There are four ways to see whales in the St. Lawrence river, you can stand on the shore in the right place, take a large(ish) tour boat (about 100 people), take a Zodiac (between 12 and 48 people) or rent a kayak.

For our first day's whale watching we took a three hour trip in a medium sized tour boat arranged by the campground with a free shuttle bus.

Our most spectacular whale on day one was Irisept a female humpback who performed several breaches!

Because we only saw humpback and minke whales on day one we took the same boat the following day. Again we saw humpbacks, one of which (Blizzard) spent some time apparently playing with the seaweed.

We also saw lots of seals and...

...a dozen or so belugas.

But no blue whales! On day three we moved to a campground (Camping Paradis Marin) beside Cap-de-Bon-D├ęsir where you can see and hear the whales. (As I write, every few minutes I can hear whales breathing - surreal).

All you have to do is sit and wait. And this may be a blue whale, it was certainly very large.