Canada & Alaska

Michele & Stephen's trip in 2013


At the end of the Klondike gold rush a train line connected Skagway with Whitehorse. Steam trains ran on this now long abandoned line. The city of Whitehorse decided that tourists would like a good old fashioned tram. So they imported one from Portugal and renovated a few kilometers of the old railway line. Unfortunately their Portuguese tram ran on electricity.

Having got to Whitehorse the best way to Dawson (if you had the money) was by stern-wheeler.

There were a few obstacles, including the five finger rapids, where a 500 metre loop of cable attached to the rocks was used to haul the ships up river.

Whitehorse has an excellent Beringia museum (well you too will have to look it up). I don't think the Austin Mini was ever sold here?

Very true!