Canada & Alaska

Michele & Stephen's trip in 2013


There are only two major roads connecting Alaska (USA) with the Yukon (Canada). The southern road (the Alaska Highway which we used in early June) is tarmac. The northern road, rather surprisingly, is gravel and only open during the day and then only in the summer. This road is known (with a little American overstatement as the Top of the World Highway).

The Top of the Road Highway passes through Chicken (and passed the end of the side road to Eagle).

By chance we were passing through Chicken on the 4th of July (should American Independence be a a cause for celebration for the British?). Chicken, like nearly every town and city around here had its heyday in the early eighteenth century and has been in relative decline ever since.

Today Chicken consists of three competing RV parks. We chose the self-styled Historic Downtown Chicken comprising the Chicken Creek Cafe, the Chicken Creek Saloon, the Chicken Creek Liquor Store and the Chicken Mercantile Emporium. All interconnected and all apparently owned and run by the same woman (Sue Wiren). In spite of appearances Historic Downtown Chicken is not the old site of Chicken, that is somewhere else.

Sue's view of Chicken's history is below. Note that an "outhouse" is a long-drop toilet and the "old grump" is/was her husband (we assume).

The bar is decorated with a mixture of baseball caps and shredded underwear (mostly female).

The shredding is done with a "canon". Below you can see the skilled and well trained bar staff packing the "canon" with black powder (left) and underwear (right). Note that the man with the hammer on the right also has a cigarette in his right hand!

Although the canon did not actually fire anything it did make a very satisfying bang. Note the sophisticated Chicken topiary in the background.

Other highlights of Chicken include the Pedro Dredge and...

...the internationally famous Chickenstock Music Festival.