Canada & Alaska

Michele & Stephen's trip in 2013

Stunning Scenery

I would not want to give the impression that most of the parts of BC, the Yukon and Alaska we are travelling through are anything but stunning. So here are a few photos.

Bear Glacier across Stohn Lake.

Dease Lake Highway.

The southern end of Kinaskan Lake from the campground.

Boya Lake, again from the Provincial Park campground.

Watson Lake Sign Post Forest. More than 80,000 signs but we could find only one from the UK. So if you are coming this way bring one with you to add to their collection. To be honest this is the main attraction of Watson Lake, other than a laundry and...

...pancake mix, maple syrup and wild blueberry jam.

Teslin Lake. See Michele's Blog for more details of what happens when the wind blows ice onto the shore.

And the wildlife has been impressive (Bald is Beautiful the T-shirts say).

Back to more cynical soon.