Canada & Alaska

Michele & Stephen's trip in 2013

Alaska was Closed!

Over the last week we have been driving north in British Columbia towards Watson Lake just over the border in the Yukon. Our ultimate target is Deadhorse (Prudhoe Bay) in Alaska.

However we decided to take a small detour to the coast at Stewart (just in Canada) and then drive the extra four kilometers to Hyder in Alaska USA!

This must be one of the few border crossings into the USA that is not only relaxed, it is nonexistent.

There is no US immigration or customs. But there is a church, alas closed.

And a general store, alas also closed.

And a Tax Free Trading Post, alas also closed.

And a Gift Shop, alas also closed.

The only sign of life in Hyder was the bar...

...but the opening hours were rather restrictive.

On re-entering Canada we were stopped by Canadian customs who wanted to know if we had acquired any guns, pepper spray, drugs, alcohol or tobacco in our 10 minute visit to Alaska.

We were able to reassure her that we had not.