Canada & Alaska

Michele & Stephen's trip in 2013

Three Types of Campsite.

In addition to real wild camp sites in British Columbia there seem to be three tiers of "official" campsites.

Firstly there are commercial campsites that vary from overcrowded RV Resorts (that may resemble RV sales lots) to very pleasant modest private campgrounds with few facilities. We are currently in one that charges Can $20.00 per night (no hook-up and no water on each site) and has great views of snow capped mountains and the local river.

Last night we stayed at a Provincial Park that charged Can $25.00. The sites were larger and more private but the views were no better. Again no hook-up and no water on the site. (We don't need either).

The night before we stayed at a Forestry Site, no water, no hook-up, no charge and nobody else there. But lots of litter and a side trip of a few kilometers of gravel road.

Finding commercial campgrounds is easy, as is finding Provincial Parks. The Forestry (or Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Arts) ones are far harder to find.

They are marked (just) on only one map we have found - The Canada Back Road Atlas. You can also buy a book that provides a brief description of some 350 of them - Camp Free (or really cheap) in BC (ISBN-13 978-0-9735099-3-9). So far we have camped at four sites from this book (at Can $12.00, free, $6.00 and free) and probably paid for the book already. Recommended.

Weight Limits (Again).

Whilst looking for a free Forestry campsite we came across this road-sign.

The top sign is fairly straight forward. No vehicles over over 25 tonne Gross Vehicle Weight.

Unless they are farm vehicles. Then there does not seem to be a limit?

However the bottom sign is new to me. Does this means that if I have a rear axel weight limit on my truck of (say) 5 tonnes then on this road I am limited to 3.5 tonnes? If so why? To protect the road?