Canada & Alaska

Michele & Stephen's trip in 2012

The Rockies (Part Three)

In peak season many of the campgrounds in the Rockies are fully booked, but by the time you get to October it is starting to getting cold and they are deserted. Unfortunately by the middle of October many of them are closed. One of our favorites was Kicking Horse Campground just outside Field Alberta.

The large open area, that would be full of vans a few weeks ago was deserted with magnificent views of the mountains and the stars.

After you have paid for your fire permit (about $Can 8.00) you can burn as much pre-cut wood as you like!

Continuing the theme of picture-perfect lakes is Emerald Lake. Actually the reason this area is a World Heritage site is the rather insignificant looking Burgess Shale Fossil Beds on the far side of the lake. (Photo by Michele)

Even the view out of the front of Man can be impressive between Jasper and Banff.

As is the view from the top of the Banff gondola lift.

Waterton Lake, even in the rain, is pretty good. Although the town was in the process of closing down for the winter when we were there. The mountains in the distance are in the USA.

The area around Oldman River Dam has a vast number of wind turbines to harness the power of the Chinook winds which also produce spectacular sunsets. This one extended a full 180 degrees.

Honestly it really was that colour.