Canada & Alaska

Michele & Stephen's trip in 2012


Based on Lonely Planet there were two things we really wanted to see/do in Winnipeg, firstly the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights and secondly the Parks Canada Forks Walking Tour.

Unfortunately they haven't quite finished building the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

And the Parks Canada Forks Walking Tour has been cancelled. Luckily there is now a self guided tour, in fact eight of them. We decided to start with the tour one. The first stop is the "Tall Grass Prairie Gardens" (Two areas highlighting the diverse flora of the now endangered grassland that once covered most of Southern Manitoba.).

Followed by the Oodena Celebration Circle that symbolizes ...err ...something.

The Path of Time sculpture was far more transparent.

The Broadway Promenade is "an elm tree-lined path that remembers..."

Some of the explanations weren't much clearer in English. But the fish and chips and the Winnipeg Art Museum were good.