Canada & Alaska

Michele & Stephen's trip in 2012


The 400km drive from Ottawa to Toronto is a relaxing rural meander through delightful countryside - NOT. (I think that the road is eighteen lanes at this point.) The 401 was a new style of road for me. The central four lanes in each direction are an expressway, the outer four or five lanes are collector lanes. You can pass from the collector lanes to the expressway at frequent intervals, but you can only move from the expressway to the collector lanes every 10km or so. If you are still on the expressway when your exit comes up then you are are in trouble!

According to Wikipedia Highway 401 is the busiest highway in the world - Great fun, but avoid rush hour!

We are staying at Indian Line Campground and in spite of what some people on TripAdvisor say about it, it is not that bad! I do admit the only reason you would want to stay here is to travel into central Toronto. This you can do fairly easily (a 22 minute bus ride from just outside the campground, followed by a 30 minute Subway/Metro ride). On weekdays the bus service is fairly frequent at rush hour (every 15 minutes) but at other times, and at weekends you are down to every hour, and the first bus on Sunday leaves at 12:32.

If you ask, the campground staff may give you a special bus timetable, or they may not bother.

The only thing nearly everyone agrees you should probably do in Toronto, if the weather is good, and you like that sort of thing, is to take a 58 second lift ride to part way up what was the tallest something in somewhere until something else a lot taller was built elsewhere. When we asked the first queue was 75 minutes to part way up, followed by a second queue also of 75 minutes.

It was raining when we were near the CN Tower and a reflection was the best I could do without getting wet.

The Royal Ontario Museum is said to be good but the 200 metre queue in the rain was not inviting.

Toronto has a vibrant multi-cultural street scene, with lots of retail opportunities (it says somewhere) and you can view it all from a trolly bus or a right hand drive Routemaster bus if you want to.

And/Or from the water.

There are art galleries.

We ate at the Queen Mother Cafe. Very unprepossessing to look at, but it is worth the subterranean passages to get to the patio at the back. Recommended