Canada & Alaska

Michele & Stephen's trip in 2012

Icebergs and Whales

Lots of people (including us) take boat trips to look at icebergs and/or whales. Yesterday we found a wild camp with both icebergs and whales visible from our hatch!

We hope to see big icebergs when we get to the north of Newfoundland, but in the mean time we have been looking at Iceberg Finder to see what's around. Yesterday we noted a small iceberg stuck in an inlet near Clarenville. So we asked at tourist information and they directed us to Gin Cove. The view from here was not very impressive (you can just see the white blobs on the shore line).

So we drove on a few kilometers to Clifton where we found a fine place to wild camp on the beach.

Whilst we were settling in a local man with a boat offered to take us over to the iceberg.

Naturally we collected a little 1000 year old ice for our Gin and Tonic.

During the night the expected shoals of catlin (small sardine sized fish) started to arrive followed by the whales. In the morning we watched a minke whale feeding whilst we had our breakfast.