Canada & Alaska

Michele & Stephen's trip in 2012


At the north of one of the promontories in central Newfoundland is New World Island (now linked to the mainland by a couple of causeways). At the north of New World Island is the town of Twillingate.

Twillingate is small laid-back town, with a bank (with a working ATM!), a supermarket, a couple of boat tour companies and if you want to, you can wild camp right on the dock side (but there are better places to camp and I don't mean the local provincial park which did not even have drinking water when we were there).

Twillingate styles itself as the iceberg capital of the world, and the boat trips (almost) promise both icebergs and whales. (To be fair to them they did say there weren't actually any icebergs within range on the day we went.)

We did see a minke whale, which I think surprised our guide as much as us. Unfortunately minke whales don't actually do anything very interesting on the surface.

A few kilometers north of Twillingate is the even smaller village of Crow Head and the home of the All Around the Circle Dinner Theater. This very popular event combines the best (and worst) of up-market school dinners in the village hall and local amateur dramatics.

The same people cook, serve, wash up, sing, play and act.

A few kilometers north of Crow Head is a near perfect wild camp at the abandoned Sea Breeze camp site in Sleepy Cove.