Canada & Alaska

Michele & Stephen's trip in 2012


The French fort at Louisbourg was built around 1719, captured by the British in 1745, and in 1760 was totally destroyed. Luckily the French kept meticulous plans and records, and they sent copies of these back to France. So when the Canadian Federal government in 1961 wanted a large scale project to replace the jobs lost with the run down of the Cape Breton coal mines re-building Louisbourg was the obvious thing to do!

The result is impressive, and manages to stay well on the right side of tacky. It can be difficult to remember that nothing you see is real.

The people who work there have immersed themselves in the minutiae of the history of the town, they know the history of each house and the names of all the people who live[ed] there.

Gender politics trumps historical authenticity.

Even the food and the dishes in the tavern are said to be authentic (but they take credit cards).

Well worth an all day visit!