Canada & Alaska

Michele & Stephen's trip in 2012

Charlottetown and National Aboriginal Day

Charlottetown is the capital of PEI and we chose to visit on National Aboriginal Day (June 21st) to observe the celebrations.

Canada recognizes three groups of aboriginal peoples: "Indians" (First Nation), Inuit and Métis.

The "celebrations" were, to put it kindly, low key. It was not clear that the participant's (bar one) were very enthusiastic.

However it was very clear that some of the local politicians, forced to make approving noises, wished they were elsewhere.

Local TV were probably expecting something more interesting.

It is the duty of every patriotic rural Canadian to have a very large lawn and to mow it every Saturday. Even the town centre of Charlottetown retains strong connections with the Island's rural roots.

The house numbering can be erratic.

Some of the sea food restaurants are very good (Sims Corner on Queens St.).

Canadians take their (ice) hockey very seriously, if not their religion.