Canada & Alaska

Michele & Stephen's trip in 2012

A Week in Nova Scotia

We have now completed our first week with Man in Nova Scotia, and it has been very pretty, lots of cute wooden houses and churches all with pristine lawns. The most cute place so far has been...

...Lunenburg. UNESCO World Heritage etc. Sometimes it borders on...

...the chocolate box (this church was actually rebuilt in 2005 after it burnt down).

Commercial camp sites so far have been disappointing and expensive at around Can$ 40.00 per night, whilst the Provincial Park Sites have been excellent and far cheaper at around Can$ 25.00.

With the added benefit of wildlife. Some very fast...

...and some very slow.

We have met some rather eccentric people, the driver of this car claimed the animal was his Siberian dear hound. We were later shown round its palatial "kennels" complete with bed and 60 inch plasma TV.

The lighthouse at the western tip of Brier Island (N44.25001 W66.39330) was a very successful wild camp.