Canada & Alaska

Michele & Stephen's trip in 2012

Bruge is on the way to Canada

In order to ship our motorhome to Halifax NS on 2012-05-23 with SeaBridge we had to deliver it to the docks in Antwerp on 2012-05-21. When travelling from the UK a very convenient place to overnight before Antwerp is the aire in the south of Bruge.

Shipping a motorhome can be a complicated business, but SeaBridge have made it fairly simple, at least from Europe to Canada. The procedure is:

  • You provide SeaBridge with the dimensions of your motorhome, where you wish to embark (Antwerp or Hamburg) and when you wish to go.
  • SeaBridge give you a quotation based on your dimensions (€43/m3 plus a 40% fuel surcharge in 2012). SeaBridge will also offer you marine insurance for the duration of the trip (at about 1% of the value of your vehicle) and vehicle insurance for your time in Canada and the USA.
  • You confirm your booking with SeaBridge and provide images of your passport and vehicle registration documents (V5 in the UK). You do not pay at this stage.
  • SeaBridge provide you a with a booking number, an information pack (all in German) and pass your details on to their shipping agent in Antwerp (or Hamburg).
  • The shipping agent confirms where and when you have to deliver your motorhome.
  • You deliver your motorhome, complete a single page A4 form, get a stamp from customs and leave your vehicle and keys on the dock.
  • SeaBridge send you an invoice (by email)
  • You pay SeaBridge directly into their (German) bank in Euros. (no credit cards or cheques).
  • SeaBridge send you (by email) the paperwork you will need to collect your motorhome in Canada.
  • About two weeks later you can collect your vehicle in Canada.

The address we were given to deliver our motorhome was "PSA, Terminal/Berth 869, Scheldelaan 495, Europa Terminal, B-2040 Antwerp". Whilst this is accurate it is not very helpful. The Europa Terminal is over 1000 metres long and 72 hectares in area. We noted at least 10 gates, most of them unmanned and automatic.

You must first take your vehicle to the PSA Administrative Building (A) at 51.341943°N 4.283124°E. Here you should complete a simple one page A4 form. The important item is your Booking Reference number, this unlocks all the details about you and your vehicle. These details are printed out on a four part set (Werkbon (Losbon)).

You take these documents to Customs (in the same building) who, in our case at least, stamped them without even looking up, certainly without inspecting the vehicle. You then drive your vehicle to the dock gate (B). There is a map on the back of the paperwork you will be given.

At the (locked) gate you wait in a queue until called forward. You are then told to follow a vehicle to your designated parking place. Here the VIN number of your vehicle will be checked and you will hand over the key(s) to your vehicle. It is only necessary to provide the key(s) needed to drive the vehicle, it is not necessary to provide keys to the back of your vehicle nor to the external lockers.

You are required to have your vehicle clean (particularly under the chassis) and there should be no gas (propane) on board. Your fuel tank should be less than 25% full. When we delivered our vehicle there was no inspection of any sort and no questions about contents.

After leaving our vehicle we walked back to the gate where security was happy to call us a taxi to the airport. Total time about 2 hours.