People and Places on the Long and Dusty Road.

(Part 2 of 4)

On, on, ever on, down the long dusty road,
Like a village on wheels rolling by.
The loo stops, the crew stops, the how-do-you-do stops,
I'll remember them all till I die.

A pictorial history of the Comex Expeditions.

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Above Astara Iran-Russia.

A backward glance.

Sand Desert Iran.

A Stream in the Sand Desert, Iran.

A little water.

Road and Rail crossing the Sand Desert

Desert fort in Afghanistan.

Sunrise in Kabul.

Kabul Market.

Quarga Dam Kabul.

Welcome Cake Kabul.

Comex choir


A little nonsense.


Filming Kabul-Khyber.

The Khyber.

The Khyber.

The valley of Jalalabad.

Overlooking Khyber Pass.

Valley of the Khyber.

Khyber Gate Peshawar.

Entering Pakistan from Iran.

On tow to Quetta.

Grand Hotel outside Quetta.

Monsoon in Pakistan.

Monsoon in Pakistan.

Tonga in Islamabad.

Tribal territory NFWP


A gathering of the clan.

Red Fort Lahore.

Kim's Gun Lahore.

Risalpur to Malakand.

Recuperating in Murree Hills Pakistan.

Tea break Murree Hills.

Foursome Reel Lahore.

Sun sets over Pakistan.

Sun Sets over Pakistan.

Filling Station Raxaul, India-Nepal.

Highway India-Nepal.

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