The Green Pennant Awards, identifying the spirit of adventure with crossing the barriers that divide people and embodying in their symbolism the oldest and largest democracies in the world and the African continent, were inaugurated by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in London on 18 December 1980, and followed by similar ceremonies in New Delhi and Lusaka. For more information about the Green Pennant Awards click here.

"Man has the choice in every situation of looking
down at the gutter or up at the stars."

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The inauguration of the Green Pennant Awards
by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.


From The Long Dusty Road to the Internet (1965 - 2001).


The Queen's Commonwealth Day Message.


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Captains of the Road - a narrative poem set on the Grand Trunk Road.

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My Friend - a ballad dedicated to the millions of bullock-cart drivers in India.


The Rickshaw Man.


The diary of the Yorkshire contingent of Comex 3.


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