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The Yorkshire Contingent

The Yorkshire contingent.

The Yorkshire contingent of Comex 3 was formed by Celia Reynolds at Bradford in March, 1969, gradually the number of members grew until there were a total of twenty five. These were:-

Andrews Sally (Miss) - Student, University.
Barakova Dagmar (Miss) - Student, University.
Bavage Trevor -Graduate, Chemistry.
Bennett Martin -Graduate, Pharmacy.Home Page
Coleman Hilary (Miss) - Secretary.
Collins Jenny (Miss) - Student, University.
Fixter Kenneth - Police Cadet.
Harvey Peter - Graduate, Engineering.
Horn Valerie (Miss) - Police Cadet.
Katik Nadia (Miss) - Student, University.
Krolitlova Regina (Miss) - Student, University.
Kairm-Caudle Patricia (Mrs) - Teacher.
Lloyd Maggie (Miss) - Student, University.
Novak Brigitte (Miss) - Bank Clerk.
Nutland Anita (Mrs) - Office Manageress.
Nutland John - Fitter.
Porter Malcolm - Police Cadet
Reynolds Celia (Miss) - Student, University.
Stewart Stephen- Graduate, Physics.Home Page
Smith John - Student, University.
Shere John - Teacher.
Venables Michael - Police Cadet.
Whaley Peter - Graduate, Chemistry.
Wilson Andrew - Scholar.
Walker Michael - Student, Engineering.

Since producing this page some years ago a number of Comex Old Hands have accidentally found this site whilst searching the Internet for their own names. In this spirit below are the names of others known to have been on Comex 3.

The Bristol contingent.

Sally Bartholomew (Hostess)
Roger Blowey (Driver and waterman)
Ron Crompton (Film producer)
Margaret Fletcher (Cook)
Tony Gill (Bootman)
Pete Goodall (Mechanic)
Patsy Grimshaw (Cook)
Di Gunson (Nurse)
Alison Hall (Cook)
Malcolm Hanson (Leader and navigator)
Nick Harris (Driver)
Pete Hobbs (Driver)
Dick Hobson (Driver)
Ian Jackson (Navigator)
Jenny Kennedy (Radio operator)
Sarah McGrath (Diarist)
Sue Miller (Navigator)
Jeff Murray (Navigator)
Jill Reynolds (Cook)
Zoe Salmon (Nurse)
Marjan Schnetz (Hostess)
Julia Scott (Hostess)
Mike Vickery (Banker and radio operator)
Steve Williams (Film cameraman)
Pete Wolf (Film director)
John Woodhouse (Radio operator)

Others known to have taken part in Comex 3.

David Watson (Kent), Nena Vrobs, David Lyscom, Mike Adami, Alan Denney, Jocelyn Jukes (Durham), Sylvia Smith (London), Neil Paterson (London), Frances Ricketts (London), Dey Brown (London), John Stephens (Kent), Patrick Earle (Durham), Angela Eason (Exeter), Dennis Ash, Peter Alcock, Michael Bennett, Allan Blackshaw, Elizabeth Blunt, Anthony Charter, Carole Cregan, Susan Dutch, Paul Frost, Linda Hall, Gareth Jones, Stephen Joseph, Christopher Nicholls, Janet Orson, Kathryn Penny, Michael Sager, Richard Slator, Malcolm Smalley, David Lyscom, Susan Hyland, Kate Hogwood, Hilary Standing, Peter Gill, Richard Haydon, David Lyscom, Ian Macdonald, Allison Mekenna, Piper Brian O'leary (Edinburgh), Keith Phillips (Sussex), Alan Denney, Stephen Shaw, Ewan Croucher, Meng Hoe Wong, David Matthews, Philip Selby (Manchester), Mike Breakell, Dey Brown, Cohn Clarke, Pamela Hall, Wilfred Hughes, Cherry Jennings, Greg Parfitt, Len Pole, Anna Morley, Judith Fisher, Frances Ricketts, Sylvia Smith, Tim Sage, Stephen Walter, John Rees, Sally Bartholomew, Margaret Fletcher, Tony Gil, Patsy Grimshaw, Malcolm Hanson, Peter Hobbs, Richard Hobson, Jennifer Kennedy, Sarah Mcgrath, Sue Miller, Jeffrey Murray, Jill Reynolds, John Woodhouse, Philip Selby (Manchester), Kate Hogwood (Cambridge), Stephen Walter (London), Mark Gregory (Bristol), David Wason, Andrew Smith (Kent), Gerry Nixon, Mike Ellwood (Manchester), Carole Riley, Donna Glavin, Lynda Lowes, Penny Waring, Terry Fenwick, Ewan Croucher, Alan Denney, John Palmer, Angela Eason (Exeter), Jocelyn Jukes (Durham), Sylvia Smith (London), Neil Paterson (London), Len Pole (London), Frances Ricketts (London),Dey Brown (London), Sarah McGrath (Bristol), Colin Wheeler, Alan Denney (Newcastle), C.Boyce (Glasgow), Cherry Jennings (London), Angela Cuthbertson (London), Sue Holioway (Sussex), Janet Gunn (Durham), Malcolm Smalley (Keele), Chris Boyce (Glasgow), Chris Boyce (Glasgow), Bernard Herdan (Cambridge), John Aspinall (Liverpool), John Holman (Lancaster), Maureen Douglas (Oxford), Steve Williams, John Woodhouse, Ron Crompton, Sally Bartholomew, Andrew Granger-Bevan (Exeter), Chris Boyce (Glasgow), Kevin Fleisch (Manchester), Geoffrey Jackson (Lancaster), Peter MacLean (Glasgow), Peter Spry-Leverton, Christine Balls (Cambridge), David Haslam, Malcolm Hanson, Alan Tootill, Ian MacDonald, Gillian Corson, Fay Sharpley, David Alexander, John Bell, Malcolm Smalley, John Covell, Richard Skipper, Sarah West, Maurice Smith, Tim Sage, Helen White, Alan Denney, David Matthews, Gerry Nixon, Mike Stevens, Alastair Batfour (Edinburgh), Andrew Granger-Bevan (Exeter), Allan Blackshaw, Graham Hawkins (Exeter), Melloney Hawkins (Exeter), Allan Blackshaw, Mary Lee Abendroti, Carole Cregan, Lisa Blunt , Pete Wolf, Steve Williams, Sally Bartholomew, Barbie, Woodhouse, Ron Crompton, Edward Raymond Yescombe (Oxford).

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