Welcome to Calverton
Milton Keynes, England.

The village of Calverton (with a total population of about 150) consists of Lower, Middle and Upper Weald and is situated near Stony Stratford, to the West of Milton Keynes in the county of Buckinghamshire, England (about 80Km/50miles north of London). To find us click here.

The Calverton Records Project.

The Calverton Records Project (of which this web site is a part) was started under the auspices of the Calverton Residents Association at a meeting on the 6th of July 1996. The objectives of the project are to uncover the past of Calverton, and to record its present for the future.

As part of the Records Project you can learn about Calverton in 1086, look around Lower Weald, find out what the village was up to on December the 16th 1932, and what "Parrots Pieces" are.

The Calverton Records Project is part of the Milton Keynes Heritage Association.

Local and Recent News.

Feb 2001 - Calverton is 2000 years old!
Oct 2000 - Floods in Lower Weald.
Oct 2000 - Flood prevention work.

May 2005 - An evacuee in Calverton.

There are other Calvertons in the world!

The Homepage for Calverton, Maryland, USA.
Calverton Village near Arnold, Nottingham, UK. or
Calverton Village near Arnold, Nottingham, UK.

Road sign Calverton USA

Stop Press.

Proof received of the existence of other Calvertons!

"I am possibly the only person to have grown up in Calverton, Maryland and have been to Milton Keynes. Strangely, I don't recall noticing the existence of your village despite having spent a year at the University of Buckingham and then 5.5 years living in Luton (but I don't like to admit the latter).

I have been to the MK shopping centre countless times but don't remember seeing any directional signs along the local A roads advertising your village. Is it just too small for such an honour, or was I not paying attention, or was I simply on the wrong roads? :-)

CFC (now living in Takoma Park, Maryland)" e-mail January 2002

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